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How I found my "Brand".

Like many other creative freelancers starting out I didn’t realise that I was a “brand”. I thought that word only applied to giant corporations. It wasn’t until I met Teresa that my brand became clearly defined when she helped me to design my first logo and website in 2017.

As Teresa and I entered a new phase in business and our relationship founding BDI Services together, it became clear that my own freelance illustration brand needed an overhaul to bring it up to standard and reflect where my career is in 2020.

My original “TS” logo referenced my love of science fiction and was inspired by the font used for “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. My new logo created by Teresa cleverly transforms my initials into the tip of a pencil and clearly conveys my brand and the tools of my trade. This became the starting point for my website re-design which replaces my original white brick “art gallery” theme with a cleaner interface and more focus on my art.

In these times as the internet plays a bigger role in keeping us connected and our businesses alive, it’s more important than ever to have a clearly defined brand showing people what makes you stand out from the crowd. This is where BDI can help you make it happen!

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