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More so than ever before, the internet plays a big role in our lives both business and pleasure. Tariq and I met in 2016 online, I'd say we really clicked when we were strolling one evening around St Mary’s Axe and simultaneously said it was like being in the movie Total Recall. Our shared love for Arnie movies, Star Trek and lemon drizzle cemented our relationship.

Fast forward four years, now with two Ragdoll cats Sky & Melina, our relationship has also spawned a business partnership.

With the unprecedented events of 2020 and the resulting paradigm shift. We realised for many of us now is the time that idea on the back burner could actually grow into a business. The first step is to give that idea an identity, a brand identity, which is exactly the inspiration for BDI: Branding + Design + Illustration. Now with our website launched and business cards printed (in fluorescent Pantone no less!) we are ready to MAKE IT HAPPEN, are you?

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